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conductor  author  adjudicator  clinician  consultant

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The first lesson plan based jazz

curriculum online resource.


An innovative online series of

interviews with leading jazz icons.









Dick Dunscomb is one of the leading authorities in the field of jazz music and music education.  

He has been recognized nationally and internationally as a guest conductor, author, adjudicator,

clinician and consultant.  Through his work with IAJE, Warner Bros. Music, Alfred/Belwin Music and

other agencies he has presented more than 200 workshops including conducting and jazz clinics

throughout the United States, as well as Australia, Europe, Canada, Sweden, Japan and South America.

Throughout his career, Professor Dunscomb has been recognized with numerous honors and awards.

The International Association of Jazz Educators elected Dunscomb to its Hall of Fame.

The Midwest Clinic, an international band and orchestra clinic, awarded Dunscomb the prestigious

Medal of Honor. He also received numerous awards for his outstanding conducting, teaching and

service from several universities.


He was the North American Coordinator for the Montreux (Switzerland) International Jazz Festival
for 18 years and has served as Executive Director of the Chicago Jazz Ensemble.

His most recent publications include, with Dr. Willie Hill, Jr. "Jazz Pedagogy": The Jazz Educator’s Handbook

and Resource Guide, a publication designed to provide a foundation and structure to plan and implement a

successful jazz program, "Jazz Zone"…the beginning, a jazz method, and "Jazz Zone Together" an innovative

online series of interviews with leading jazz icons.

Currently Professor Emeritus, Dunscomb was the former Chair of the Music Department at Columbia College

Chicago, the nations premiere visual, and performing, media and communications arts’ college

located in Chicago, Illinois. He is Vice President of the board of directors for the Midwest Clinic,

the largest annual event for instrumental music in Chicago, Illinois with more than 17,000 participants.

He is an educational clinician for Conn-Selmer.


Dick Dunscomb is a master jazz pedagogue and one of the most respected authorities we have in jazz education.  I have known of Dick's expertise since he first adjudicated my high school jazz band some 35 years ago!  Most recently, Dick came to Jacksonville to work with my kids before we performed at The Midwest Clinic.  WOW!!  Talk about diagnose and prescribe!!  He immediately started pointing out matters that I wasn't all!  Most importantly, he offered clear and succinct remedies that worked like magic in making our jazz band sound so much better.  And all with a gentleman's touch of a true professional...


Don Zentz

Director of Jazz Studies

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Jacksonville, Florida


“It is always a pleasure working with you and watching young musicians grow from your tutelage. Working with you as a guest conductor with the University of North Florida Jazz Ensemble 1 at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago and also recording the Big Band examples for your Jazz Zone publication, your effectiveness and knowledge in bringing a jazz ensemble to its next level is amazing. Thank you again and hope we do something together soon.”


 J.B. Scott

Associate Professor of Music
UNF School of Music

Music Flagship Program

Director of Jazz Studies

Director, UNF Jazz Ensemble 1
Director, Great American Jazz Series

Warburton Signature Artist


J. Richard (Dick) Dunscomb is a legend in jazz education!  He has been recognized all over the globe for his work.  Dick knows the music and he relates well to students of all ages. I have seen him work with a large big band in middle school to an All-Star collegiate jazz band in Italy and he gets great results and everyone has a wonderful time! He is a master teacher who knows how and when learning takes place…he seizes the moment and makes good things happen and now he is available to share his skillset with you and your students! 


Mary Jo Papich

Jazz Education Network Co-founder and Past President


"We were fortunate enough to be able to have Dick Dunscomb in as we were starting our Jazz Band from the beginning at Dekaney High School.  His help proved invaluable in teaching our young musicians, developing our rhythm section and teaching various jazz styles and idioms.  More importantly, he helped us to create a curriculum of teaching the art of improvisation and soloing."


Trent Cooper

Head Director, Dekaney High School 2007-2021

Houston, Texas


Professor Dunscomb and I met during a FBA adjudicator training seminar and that has led to an amazing collaboration between the two of us.  Ever since that encounter, he has been working with the HB Plant Jazz Band on a weekly and/or monthly basis and has completely changed our focus, rehearsal expectations, and performance outcomes.  The wealth of knowledge he brought to rehearsals has been incredible.  The way the students have responded to his feedback is something special.  Professor Dunscomb truly cares about jazz education and loves working with students who are willing to improve their jazz performance skills.  For me personally, I have learned so much from watching him rehearse and talking with him.  I am forever grateful for his willingness to mentor all of us in the field of jazz education, something that is very near and dear to his heart.


Brian P. Dell

Director of Bands at HB Plant HS in Tampa, FL 


Dick and Michele spent two days in Gainesville to provide a clinic for one of our local high school jazz ensembles and to give a presentation to our undergraduate Instrumental Methods class at the University of Florida. The quality of their insights, information, and advice was spot on in both contexts. They were able to quickly and precisely identify strengths and areas for improvement in articulation, time, ensemble sound, improvisations, and stylistic interpretation and to provide practical suggestions for improvement. The information they provided got right to the heart of the most important considerations in teaching jazz style and improvisation and was inspiring for our students. Dick and Michele are consummate professionals and remarkably generous in sharing their time, expertise, and resources. Having them with us provided a great experience for all involved.


Barry Hartz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music Education
University of Florida


 Mr. Dunscomb, 

We cannot thank you and Michele enough for your time and teaching! The students and I had an absolute blast! We will be talking about that evening for years to come! 

The clinic with Dick Dunscomb and Michele Fernandez was an invaluable experience. The students enjoyed every minute and experienced tremendous growth in such a short amount of time. These educators are unparalleled in their expertise, an absolute treat for growing musicians! 


Noah Graben

Director of Bands

F.W. Buchholz High School (FL)

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Dick Dunscomb is one of the leading

authorities in the field of jazz music

and music education.




Coon-Selmer Institute Backstage
Richard Dunscomb and Tim Lautzenheiser

"Love For Sale"

Big Band del Conservatorio "Luisa D'Annunzio" di Pescara
Richard Dunscomb conductor

Manuel Trabucco - Luca Ricordi - Giovanni Di Benedetto - Mattia Feliciani -

Italo D'Amato - Gianni Ferreri - Jorge Ro - Ranalli - Silvio Di Paolo - Alessandro

Di Bonaventura - Franco Celidonio - Roberto Castelli - Cristiano Sanguedolce - 
Lorenzo Marinozzi - Angelo Trabucco - Fabio D'Onofrio - Paolo Catone - 
Michelangelo Brandimarte - Raniero Silvetti - Morgan Fascioli - Luca Di Battista

Fanfare of the Common Man
Performance from May 16, 2009 in Chicago at the opening ceremony of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute Chicago,
featuring Symphonic Jazz International:

Richard Dunscomb (musical director)

and Thomas Gunther (musical arranger).

Dick Dunscomb, conductor
Columbia College Jazz Ensemble @ Jazz Showcase
Feat. Lorenzo Marinozzi, guitar - Gianni Ferreri, trumpet

Current JazzZone Together Video Episode

You will find the complete list of Video Interviews here:



J. Richard Dunscomb is now available to present the following workshops.
The following descriptions notate some of the topics covered in each workshop.
Special workshops can designed for you and your ensemble.
Each session has a valuable set of handouts.


Creating, Designing and Maintaining a Successful Jazz Education Program -
Where Do I Start?

A workshop designed to provide a foundation and structure on which to build a successful jazz program.

Jazz Rehearsal Techniques: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why?
This session helps you to make the most of your rehearsal time.
Everything you need to know to use the time efficiently and productively.

Yes, You Can Teach Jazz!!  Implementing the National Music Standards Through Jazz
A dynamic workshop that uses jazz and the National Music Standards to help build and maintain a

successful jazz program.  Realistic approaches and practical solutions.


Jazz Rhythm Section Basics from Day One!
The foundation of a great jazz ensemble starts with the rhythm section.  This workshop discusses the role 

of each instrument individually and then collectively as a section.


Teaching the Jazz Concepts:  Latin and Swing
An exciting session designed to present a conceptual approach to teaching the Latin & Swing styles.

Valuable teaching tips and techniques are presented.


Preparing for Important Performances:  Making Your Group Stand Out  from the Rest
A workshop designed for your jazz group to prepare them for contest/festival and
other important performances.


Teaching Jazz Improvisation - Yes, You Can Do It!
This workshop helps you and your students develop a jazz vocabulary and become fluent in the use of it.


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